Alexey Makhnev

Lead Developer / Data Engineer / Engineering manager

As an Engineering Leader with 20+ years of hands-on experience, I have worn multiple hats from Development Team Lead and Technical Lead, to Integration and Solution Owner. I am passionate about leading development and support of robust solutions addressing challenging problems within Databases, Integration, Data Engineering areas through a hands-on approach, coaching, and leading by example. My strength is combining wide technical knowledge with ownership and leadership, enabling me to guide teams, define vision, enhance architectures, and drive projects to success..

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Software team leadership

Proficient, 10+ years
You can't do everything on your own, so I know how to bring a results-driven approach to leading software teams. I strive to align team efforts with strategic objectives, fostering an environment that promotes collaboration, mentorship, and continuous improvement. I empower each team member with a sense of ownership, allowing them to make decisions and contribute meaningfully to projects. When faced with challenges, my pragmatic, 'can-do' attitude ensures that solutions are not only technically sound but also efficiently implemented and seamlessly integrated into production.


Expert, 10+ years
Data is the DNA of the 21st century, and the amount of this data dictates it should be effectively stored, processed, and used. I like my data to be in order, so I prefer relational databases, keeping complex data models lean and organised. For many years, I have been developing and supporting solutions using traditional databases – Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL – and data warehouses like SAP BW and Snowflake. I admire it might not be enough for web-scale systems, so I use NoSQL and other storage solutions where appropriate – AWS S3, DynamoDB, Redis.

Architecture & Integration

Expert, 10+ years
Software systems are evolving – design is becoming more complex and distributed, running in clouds that offer hundreds of possible solutions to almost every problem. This is why it’s so important to have a holistic view and define how effective systems will communicate to make an effective solution. For me, architecture and data integration are the key areas of interest with many years of experience working with many data integration patterns – making high-performant ETL, designing SOAP webservices and REST APIs, building robust cloud-native solutions running on AWS infrastructure.

Other Skills

Languages: Java / Spring Boot, Microservices, Python, SQL/PLSQL, JSON/XML/XSL, Front-End stack (React, Node JS, HTML/CSS)
Databases:Relational (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL), Data Warehouse (Snowflake), NoSQL (MongoDB)
Data Design / Integration: Data Modelling, SOAP/REST, ETL/ELT/Streaming, Apache Kafka, Enterprise Integration (SOA/ESB, SAP PI/PO)
DevOps & Cloud: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform / Helm, AWS, GCP, Openshift
Environment: TDD / Clean code / SOLID, Scrum / Agile / Lean Six Sigma, Jira / Confluence / Git
Leadership & Management: Team mentoring and coaching, stakeholder management, cross functional collaboration, strategic planning, hiring / onboarding / performance evaluation.

Work Experiences

Kingfisher group

Remote, UK
Technical Lead
01/2023 – 08/2023

Managed one of several backend teams, focusing on the design and implementation of a transition from a monolithic to a microservices architecture for one of the UK's largest DIY websites. The main focus was on requirement analysis, establishing an architectural vision, and delivering an efficient, supportable web-scale backend capability while collaborating with upstream and downstream development teams. In addition to creating High-Level and Low-Level Designs that ensured all corner cases were addressed, processes of implementation were overseen, which involved refining technical user stories, conducting code reviews, and later coordinating the release and transition to production.

Technologies: Kotlin, Spring Boot, REST API, Kafka, Redis, AWS, Kubernetes


Guildford, UK
Lead Software Developer
06/2021 – 07/2022

Led full stack team of 5-7 engineers to deliver SAAS product collecting and analyzing scientific instrument high-throughput data. Defined technical vision and roadmap for the product based on input from PO and sales teams. Designed robust data storage and REST APIs which improved Backend response time from seconds to sub 100ms level. Ensuredinitiatives are seamlessly delivered by splitting large epics into deliverable stories, working on detailed design covering the happy path and corner cases, helping developers by pair programming, mobbing sessions and PR reviews.

Technologies: React, Java (Lagom, CQRS), Snowflake, MySQL, Tableau, AWS, Kubernetes


London, UK
Development Team Lead
11/2018 – 06/2021

Hands-on leadership of 10 developers doing ongoing development and support of 15Tb backend component of strategic anti-money laundering application for one of the world's largest banks. Technical system management, covering both project and BAU aspects, architecture, design and implementation of new features, bugfixes and technical debt. Solution improvement and refactoring, including breaking down monolith application into microservices, bringing modern and cost saving technologies. Notable examples: Design and implementation of service integrating batch processing database with 3rd party APIs and transforming unstructured data into clean dataset. Designed stream architecture to handle 100M XML messages reducing leading time of critical data delivery from 6 weeks to 3 days.

As a team manager defined internal development practises and improved collaboration with external teams. Completed migration of SDLC from waterfall to Agile development, migrated from svn to git with setup of CI/CD pipelines, introduced trunk-based development practises helping team to deliver complex functionality. Extensively involved in building the team, including hiring and onboarding, completed skills development and performance evaluation, with team size increased from 4 to 10 people in 6 months.

Technologies: Oracle DB(Exadata), SQL / PL/SQL, Java (Spring Boot), Python, Apache Kafka


Woking, UK
Contract Integration Lead
04/2017 – 11/2018

Implementation of SCP and Manufacturing integration solution separation as part of AB In-Bev Europe business divestment. Managing full transition of services to multiple development/support team. Setting up integration architectural framework with preapproved Enterprise Integration Patterns defined, implementation principles and guides created for system integrators. Oversight of new projects assisting solution design team with design of integration within SAP centric enterprise landscape.


Woking, UK
Lead developer / product owner
05/2012 – 04/2017

All-in-one designer / developer / product owner of a custom-built A2A system for high throughput data integration between SAP and non-SAP planning applications for global brewing company.

  • Integrated data flow scenarios design and implementation. Design and development of application providing simple UI, SOAP & REST API (Java / Spring MVC). Examples: high-performance interface for distributing SAP sale\purchase documents, multiregional feature enabling 24x7 working mode for businesses within overlapping different time zones, performance improvements resulted in reducing data processing time from 6-8 hours to 15-20 minutes, design and development
  • Support and change management of the solution in multiple simultaneous projects and environments. Deployed solution in multiple regions, including Australia, Europe (Czech/Slovakia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania), Latin America countries. Designed version control process for Oracle database objects and moving changes across complex enterprise landscape (3 tracks, >10 databases in total). Leading small offshore development / support team (2 to 5 people).

Various companies

UK & Russia
Multiple roles
01/2002 – 05/2012

As a development consultant, successfully completed multiple projects for large customers by developing and supporting solutions based on Java/.Net, enterprise grade databases, SAP / Microsoft integration technologies.
Notable examples:
Implemented integration interfaces using advanced Java development within SAP PI ESB for one of the largest UK councils. At a later stage moved into hands-on SAP PI integration landscape owner role in support organization with responsibilities to maintain smooth operation of more than 250 integration interfaces in production.
Leading ESB integration team to deliver solution for reliable collection and processing of EDI messages in a large container leasing company.
Development and ongoing support of custom-built system managing masterdata for 180M customers of one of the biggest Russian bank.

Education & Certification

Specialist Degree (with distinction), equivalent to BS (Hons)

Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia
1996 - 2001
Mathematician/System Programmer in Applied Mathematics and Computing Systems

Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer (expired)

Google cloud

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Amazon Web Services